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(outside) exter, extere;
(away) for;
(beyond, past) preter;
(disclosed) konocata;
(extinct) extingita;
(at an end) exhaustita, konsumita; finita; (cf. prefix par-);
(without) sen;
(loudly) laute;
(thoroughly) par-;
(hired or rented) lugita;
(puzzled) embarasata;
(in error) desjusta, nejusta, neexakta;
(of books) vendata, aparinta, imprimita.
squeeze out - ekprisar.
come out - ekirar, irar ek;
(first appearance) debutar.
the fire is out - la fairo esas extingita.
the cask is out - la barelo esas vakua.
she laughed right out - el rideskis, el ridis laute.
I found you out - me deskovris vu.
out and out - perfekta, kompleta.
be out at sea - esar en la meza / larja maro.
out from, (US) out (forth from) - ek.
out of - pro.
out of (motion from; made or extracted from; fractional part of) ek.
out of money - sen pekunio.
out of hatred - pro odio (ad ulu).
out of charity - por / pro karitato.
out of danger - ekirar / eskapar la danjero.
out of pocket - perdar.
out of humo(u)r - despitar; esar en mala humoro.
sing out of tune - kantar nejuste / neakorde.
out of sight - nevidebla.
out of sight, out of mind - for la vido, for la mento.
out of favo(u)r - desfavorizita.
the book is out of print - l’edituro exhaustesis.
out of place - (misplaced) diplasita;
(unbecoming) nekonvenanta, neoportuna;
(unemployed) senemploya.
I am out of salt - me ne havas plusa salo; me esas sen salo; la salo mankas.
drink out of a glass - drinkar ek glaso.
be out of countenance - konfuzeskar.
read out of a book - lektar de / en libro.
out of use - neuzata.
out of hand - (unmanageable) neguvernebla.
out of order - (physically) malada, maladeta; nesana; trublita.
out of the way - (extraordinary) extraordinara.
go out of (US: out) the house - irar ek la domo.
out with it - informez ni! dicez lo!
out with him - ek pulsez il; extere!