De Wikivortaro
Irez ad: pilotado, serchez


(some means) per;
(concerning) pri;
(who has, have) qua havas, havante;
(against) kontre;
(towards) ad;
(in the house of) che;
(nearby) apud, proxim.
to be with someone - esar kun ulu.
to write with a pen - skribar per plumo.
compared with - kompare ad.
the lady with blue eyes - la damo havanta blua okuli.
I am angry with him - me iracas kontre il.
with reference to - relate ad.
he is with me - (at my house) il esas che me.
to speak with his hands in his pockets - la manui en la poshi, il parolis a me; il parolis a me, dum ke ilua manui esis en ilua poshi.
she is with child - el esas gravida.
they profess the same faith with you - li profesas la sama kredo kam vu.