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+ es = foresar, foreso
+ esk = foreskar, foresko
+ ig = forigar, forigo


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(conj.) nam, pro ke;
(with a view to, in order to, on behalf of) por;
(conj.) por ke (with imper.);
(at the price of) po;
(by means of ) per;
(instead of) vice;
(about, concerning) pri;
(during) dum;
(as being) kom;
(in spite of) nam.
he lived for (during) several years - lu habitis dum plura yari;
to reply for (in place of) another - respondar vice altru;
to sell for - (in exchange for) three dollars: lu vendis (ulo) po tri dolari;
leave for - (as being) dead: livar kom mortinta;
take a person for (as being) - konfundar ulu ad altru;
all for (in the interest of) one, one for all - omni por uno, uno por omni;
for and against - por e kontre;
as for me - (concerning) pri me;
for (by reason of) love of God - pro l’amo a Deo;
condemned for theft - kondamnita pro (od, pri) furto;
he is big for (comparison) his age - il esas grande relate (od, kompare) lua evo;
for your sake - pro amo a vu;
for mercy’s sake - pro kompato;
for a long time past - delonge;
for instance - exemple;
for the present - nuntempe, dum la nuna tempo;
for all we know - segun quante ni povas judikar, malgre omno;
for myself - por me ipsa;
for what - por quo?;
for fear that - time ke;
for a month - til pos un monato; (during) dum un monato;
in exchange for - kambie;
had it not been for him - ecepte pro il;
for 10 fr. a week - pro dek franki singla-semane.
for ever - por sempre.