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De Wikivortaro


I. (v.) (tr., intr.) (of wind) suflar;

(be windy) (intr.) ventar;
(wind instruments) sonigar, soneskar;
(inflate, as glass) inflar;
(wind, pant) (intr.) anhelar;
(emit air, steam) suflar;
(of flowers) florifar.
to blow over - (preter-)pasar (intr.).
to blow up (as by powder) - (intr.) explozar.
to blow upon - suflar.
it is blowing - ventas.
to blow violently (weather) - tempestar.
it is blowing a gale - tempestas.
to blow away - forpulsar.
to blow out - eksuflar; extingar (a light).
to blow down - renversar, abatar (per vento).
to blow out one’s brains - pafar ye la kapo.
to blow hot and cold - (intr.) vacilar.
to blow the nose of - mungar.
to blow one's nose - mungar su.
to blow through the nose (of horses) - snortar.

II. (n.) frapo, bato, stroko;

(misfortune) desfortuno, desfortunajo;
(gale) ventego, tempesto.
blow with a stick - batonofrapo.
blow with a fist - pugnofrapo.
a knock-down blow - falobato, falofrapo.
return blow - rifrapo, retrofrapo.
at one blow - per un sola stroko.
exchange of blows - interbatado.
a fly blow - ovaro di musho.
to come to blows - kombateskar.