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I. (v.) (tr., intr.) (be / put in contact with) tushar; (cf. kontaktar, kontiguar);

(reach) atingar, tushar;
(in passing) frolar;
(stop at) haltar ye;
(disturb) desaranjar; tushar; movar.
(of a ship) touch at (a port) - eskalar.
touch the emotions - emocigar, emocar.
touch the mind - koncernar.
touch up - (improve) plubonigar; (a picture) retushar.
touch upon - aludar.
touch with the fingers - (feel about) palpar.
touch off - (light) acendar.
touched - (of emotions) emocanta.

II. (n.)

(act) tusho, tushado.
sense of touch - takto, tush-senso.
put the last touch to - parfinar; facar la lasta stroki.
to be in touch (with) - kontaktar;
(be informed about) esar informita pri (ulu, ulo).
to put in touch with - informar (ulu pri);
(touch and go) esar en necerta stando, ye granda hazardo.
to give the final touches to, put the finishing touches to - finisar.
touch board - koloplako.
out of touch -
(on vartas traduko)