De Wikivortaro


Radiko por: standar, stando

Plusa moyeni di la vortifo: la sufixi e la prefixi
+ ach = standachar, standacho
+ al = standala


I. (v.)

(be in a certain condition or state) standar;
(endure) tolerar;
(continue) (intr.) durar;
(pay the cost of) pagar;
(be a candidate) kandidatesar (por, pri);
(come to a stop) haltar, halteskar;
(oppose) opozar.
stand back - distar.
stand up - staceskez!
stand up straight - erektar su.
stand up (rise to one's feet) - staceskar.
stand firm against - rezistar.
stand for - (represent) reprezentar.
stand out as - …
stand out for - obstinar (en, pri).
stand over - (postpone) ajornar.
stand still - cesar movar, haltar.
stand for nothing - nule valorar.
stand fast - stacar ferme, tenar bone.
stand forth - avancigar su, esar evidenta / evidentega; esar salianta; esar eminenta.
stand in fear of - timar.
standing water - stagnanta aquo.
how do you stand? - quale vu standas (pri)?
stand (something) up straight - erektar.
stand one’s ground - defensar la tereno;
stand the risk - riskar;
stand the test - subisar la probo;
take a stand - …

II. (n.) (such as a tripod, for a camera or instrument) stativo.