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I. (n.) disto, foreso, (object) forajo; desproximeso;

(space between) interspaco; (fig.) rezervemeso.
be at a distance - distar (per).
be at a distance of five km - distar per 5 km.
in the distance - fore, perspektive.
keep one’s distance - konservar sua rango.
at certain distance - ye intervali.
come from a distance - venar de fore (od, fora loko).

II. (v.) (leave behind) devancar;

(pass by) preterirar, preterpasar, pretervehar;
(surpass) superirar.


être à la distance (de) - distar.
être à une distance de 5 kilomètres - distar per kin kilometri.
à la distance de - distanta.
à distance -
(on vartas traduko)
de distance en distance - ye intervali.
garder ses distances - konservar sua rango.