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(some) kelka;
(any whatever) irga; (Note: When the indefinite adjectives some, any, are used with words of quantity in place of a, an, they are not to be translated: The children have some bread: L'infanti havas pano. Did he get any money? Ka il recevis pekunio? He wrote without any ink: Il skribas sen inko.)
anybody: ulu, irgu (pl.) uli, irgi;
anything : ulo, irgo;
anyhow, anyway: irge, irgamaniere, irgaquale;
anytime : irgekande, irgatempe;
anywhere: irgalok, irgube;
of any sort: irgequala.
Have you any more?: Kad vu havas plu multo?
I cannot stay here any longer: Me ne povas restar hike plulongatempe.
Whether he got any or not, I don't know. Kad il recevis kelka o ne, me ne savas.


tenir anys - evar.
aquest any - cayare.