De Wikivortaro


(in space) dop;
(concerning) pri.
after all - fine, laste, konkluze; sume; funde.
after birth - placento; (fig.) stroko ne-expektata; kontre-stroko.
after days - dii venata, venonta.
after dinner - posdineo.
after growth - rikreskajo.
after pains - koloki.
(in space) dopa.
after most - maxim dopa.
after dinner - posdinea.
after ages - posa yarcenti, futura yarcenti.
(in space) dope;
(concerning), relate;
(according to) segun.
go / come after - sequar; dopirar.
be after - (seek) serchar (cf. querar), (pursue) persequar.
look after - (superintend) surveyar.
after dinner - pos-dinee.
one after the other -