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Hello! Thanks for join us. I did my best to create the system for the Classical Nahuatl language. I hope it is correct but if you find any error, let me know. I appreciate any ancient information about the history of languages (I’m a linguist) but isn’t it more useful to present in this case the modern Nahuatl (ncx) version. Can you do that? --Arto (diskuto) 09:46, 27 jan. 2019 (UTC)

Nahuatl is a Macro-language nah, no laguage and no Standard language; it's the same to the Arabic, Quechua or Norwegian.

The name is Nahua languages or Nahuan languages, each Nahuatl language has got our ISO, for example; Central Nahuatl (Highlands Nahuatl, Volcanoes Nahuatl or Tlaxcala-Puebla Nahuatl) is nhn, Tetelcingo Nahuatl is nhg, Western Huasteca Nahuatl nhw, Morelos Nahuatl nhm, Mecayapan Nahuatl or Istmus Nahuatl ncx, Guerrero Nahuatl ngu or Central Huasteca Nahuatl is nch.

Each Nahuatl language there are dialects or linguistic variants, for example; Central Nahuatl nhn has got Tlaxcala idiom in Tlaxcala State, Texcoco idiom and Amecameca idiom in Mexico State, Cholula idiom, Canoa idiom and Calpan idiom in Puebla State and Milpa Alta idiom in Mexico City.

Classical Nahuatl nci is a death language, this language was spoken in New Spain or Colonial period. Now hasn't got Native speakers, only academic students. Regards.--Marrovi (diskuto) 13:14, 27 jan. 2019 (UTC)

It is very complicated (as I presumed). I do not know enough about the linguistic situation of Nahuan languages. You seem to be eager to help in this Wiki but can you manage in creating all the needed parts for these languages in this Wiki. All the alphabets and categories are inevitable if you want that your effort here would be useful. On the other hand the creating of all the alphabets and categories is very boring. – I found digraph in the word chichi. If you need model about digraphs, the Albanian and the Hungarian use digraphs, too. I think we should concentrate on living languages. --Arto (diskuto) 16:34, 27 jan. 2019 (UTC)