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I. (n.)

  • (painting, photography - an area or a spot in a drawing, painting, or photograph that is strongly illuminated)
(on vartas traduko)
  • (figurative - an especially significant or interesting detail or event or period of time)
(on vartas traduko)
  • (cosmetics - a strand or spot of hair dyed a different color than the rest)
(on vartas traduko)
Meeting my future wife was the highlight of my trip to Spain. - ...
We'll be broadcasting the news highlights every half an hour. - ...

II. (v.)

  • (to make prominent; emphasize) emfazar
Their stories highlight surprising new migration routes. - ...
  • (to be a highlight of)
(on vartas traduko)
(on vartas traduko)
  • (to dye (part of the hair) a different color than the rest)
(on vartas traduko)
  • (Internet - to seek the attention of (a user) on IRC by mentioning their name in a message, causing that message to appear highlighted on their screen)
(on vartas traduko)
Problem is that you did not highlight me. - ...
Feel free to highlight me. - ...


  • (radiodifusión, radioemisión)
(on vartas traduko)